Hail, spring

Rosa 'All Ablaze' blazes cherry red in Burke Brothers' Tuscany exhibit, accenting classic Italian elements with bright flowers. (Ron Tarver / Staff photographer)

Hail, spring! What a kooky day we had yesterday. It had all the elements of this volatile season - cold in the morning, 70 degrees in the afternoon and then suddenly, black clouds and eerie yellow sky, thunder, lightning and hail that came down in buckets. I stood at the doorway with my mouth open. Just moments before I'd been thinking ... maybe ... dinner outside tonight. We were lucky in the city - the hail wasn't the size of golf balls, as was reported in Lancaster County, and while the wind was strong, it wasn't dangerous. It probably caused some havoc, of a milder variety. I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon picking up branches that'd fallen over the winter. As the winds blew, I thought there might be a few more out there now. Hail, spring or spring hail. Either way, more work!