Guess which color rose is most popular?

ORANGE! and peach and pink. Not red. So say the folks at Kremp Florist of Willow Grove, a 60-year-old family business that's been coming to the show for 37 years. They have four booths here, and as always, roses are a big draw - for $5.97 a dozen. The roses come from Colombia .. but the pussy willows are from South Jersey.

I've never really understood the appeal of these things, but you see a lot of them walking around inside the Convention Center and out on the street, coming at you like spears.


"Pussy willows are a rite of spring," says Michael Dever, who was behind one of the counters at Kremp's this morning. They can also be rooted or dried. "People just really like them," he says.

There's something more interesting in the willow family, though. More on that next time.