Green tomatoes

Get a load of these tomatoes. Here it is Aug. 1 and my garden is full of them. This time last year I was giving ripe red ones away by the bagful. What's the deal? Turns out what we've all been saying is true. May was cool and wet. June and July were beastly hot and dry. Together, that spells D-E-L-A-Y for our tomatoes. I'll be doing a story about this in the paper next week. Guaranteed to make you feel better.

I began to wonder if it was just me ... after a colleague brought in a bunch of red ones from her garden. Turns out she planted in April. Can you believe it? Most years, that'd end badly but this year, April was warmer than May and her plants managed to get nicely established when the cooler temperatures came in May. Those of us who played by the rules and planted in mid-May ended up getting nailed.

Just goes to show ... though it's often said that by growing our own in the back yard, we have control over at least this part of our lives ...we really don't. We're peons in the garden, too. Shucks.