God save the queen - if you can find her

So I'm walking through the show, past the central feature, and all of a sudden I spot her - a mini-Queen Elizabeth up on the wall. She struck me and several other people as hilariously funny up there. Perhaps we shouldn't have laughed so hard, given that she's in the hospital but you had to be there.

Mini-Elizabeth was on the wall as part of the Quest for the Queen scavenger hunt, one of  many kids' activities this year.


They're having scavenger hunts, performances, games, crafts and other activities in the Kids Zone, Room 204B. Open every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. There's even a Mums Lounge, just inside, for nursing mothers or parents who need "some quiet time and comfortable seating with their little ones."

How about a lounge for parents who need some quiet time and comfortable seating WITHOUT their little ones. Ooooh! That was bad.