Get your paws off my carrots


Just kidding. Indie the senior citizen rescue dog can have as many of my carrots as she wants. And she may want several.

Indie belongs to Michaelann Velicky, the gardener/farmer in Elkins Park who's turned her 1/3-acre property into a mini-farm. Indie likes to dig up carrots in the garden, and while I was there, she unearthed two. The carrots weren't ripe yet, so her munching sounded like a machine disposing of wood.

Actually, it's just like my carrots. Funny thing, I didn't plant any this year and I don't remember planting them last year. Never had much luck. But I have a bumper crop as I write this. Now if I can just figure out when to pull them up. I don't have an Indie around to dispose of the underripe ones ...

Michaelann yelled at her - sort of. Then she said, "It's OK. I plant extra carrots now."