Frost to come


The forecast calls for frost tonight and my email inbox is lighting up with friends' lamentations. Time to pull out the elephant ears! Quick. We need to pick the last of what's bloming. I'm always a little sad when frost arrives. This year, especially so because my garden is still very colorful. The roses have been reblooming for a few weeks now and it's been such a pleasure strolling around to look at them, even if I'm bundled up in a sweatshirt and scarf to ward off the chilly wind. This extraordinary sulphur yellow one isn't mine, alas. It was in the Portland test garden, one of 8,000 that I swear were all blooming the day I was there. If you look carefully, you'll see raindrops on the petals. But that will soon be behind us. I picked a huge vase of pink, salmon and red roses last week, thinking that was the end, but the bushes bloomed on. Tonight may really be the end, so I need to go scavenging after work. Frost (and Phillies!) to come ...

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