Does this look like an English moor?

Didn't think so, but it may when you get to MODA Botanica's exhibit at the show, called "Fog on the moors." True to its reputation, MODA has taken a very creative approach. The silhouetted moors, which visitors will walk through, are white and gray up top and naturalized plants below. The designers are using eucalyptus, Spanish moss, heather, white mums and hydrangea - lots of white flowers at the show this year - Scotch broom, heather ... bubble wrap, hot glue strips, shredded white paper and white plastic zip ties.

I know it sounds strange and not very evocative of anything other than a Staples garage sale. Actually, I liked it. I like what these folks do every year. They have fun, they're playful, and the results of their work are worthy of conversation.

This is a picture of what you can do with zip ties. I must have 100 of them at home. And speaking of shredded paper and bubble wrap, I can probably rustle up some of that, too. Maybe I'll make some foggy moors over the weekend. A family craft project.