Cricket does grunge

Get a load of the number and variety of paint brushes involved in the building of the Eiffel Tower for the flower show. Of course, these instruments are used for set designs and other jobs at Scenery First in Sharon Hill. Cricket McGehee, a University of the Arts grad, is a scenic artist here, and this morning she was cleaning up when I visited. Cricket, says Scenery First co-owner Jack Doyle, "is a genius at aging and grunge" on props and sets. She's got lots of "tools." Besides regular brushes with diameters ranging from pencil-size to baseball bat, she has feather dusters, whisks, ladles and a brush with cut outs that looks like a jack-o-lantern smile. What fun. Cricket says she uses water-base paint whenever possible, but oil-base is used on cruise ships because of rust. She's never been to the flower show - never had a weekday off, she says, and weekends are too crowded. Plus ... she's short. "I can never see anything," she says. If you want to read more about the mini-Eiffel Tower, coming to a flower show near you in March, be sure to get the Sunday Inquirer. I'll be writing the story tomorrow.