Chanticleer on a clear day

rsz_chanticleerserpentine (1)

Chanticleer any day is a treat, but it was especially so today. The morning was sunny, clear, cool. I wore a fleece, for heaven's sake. The gate had just been opened, and within minutes, the parking lots were pretty full. Not everyone is at the Shore, although I like it when everyone goes away. I can get a dinner reservation pretty much when and where I want, traffic's (almost) manageable, the neighborhood is blessedly quiet.

So I was a little surprised to see so many people at Chanticleer - lots of young mothers with children, some grandparents, some couples and a few strays like me. It was a perfect day.

Interesting to see the serpentine planted with two types of kale, a darker, moodier serpentine than I've seen before. Lots of people didn't know what the kale was. So much for kale being the "it" vegetable. Kale was also scattered about in some of the other gardens; quite a surprise when you come upon it.

Visits to Chanticleer always bring the stress level down, especially in the cutting garden and vegetable garden. Just the sight of so many butterflies visiting the long row of zinnias, bees on the sunflowers, goldfinches picking at seed heads on the coneflowers ... all these things are calming and centering.

So, of course, from Wayne I drove down to the office in Center City. ARGGG. Road work, traffic jams, bad manners, pedestrians that cross the street whenever, wherever they want ... a half an hour to get one block ... I felt like turning the car around and driving right back where I came from.

Here's the serpentine. Interesting.