Flower fantasies


The catalogues are pouring in - Burpee, Heronswood, Cook's Garden, Jackson & Perkins, Gardener's Supply Co., the bulb companies - and as much as I tell myself I'm not in the market to buy any more plants or garden equipment, some stuff is looking mighty good. As the temperature dipped and then rose last week, the springtime fantasies were coming fast and furious. To make matters worse, or better, yesterday I interviewed Jennie Love, an up-and-coming "flower farmer" from Mt. Airy, who only encouraged those fantasies with all her talk about growing unusual annuals and perennials in her organically-sustained cutting gardens. Jennie's in the forefront of a cut-flower trend. Just like the new generation of urban farmer, she's growing her own flowers to sell in a flowers-only CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, and she does weddings, too, using flowers grown in several community garden plots in upper Roxborough. This photo is of Jennie decorating a chuppah for a wedding last year. I'll be featuring Jennie in a story next Friday, Jan. 14. We'll have photos of her with the story, along with pictures she's supplied of some of the beautiful and interesting blooms she's grown and arranged. Rest assured, these photos will do nothing to tamp down the fantasies of spring, but that's not a bad thing. In January, anyway.