Business is up for some this year

At last year's flower show, Mullanium by Jim and Tory Mullan of Pampano Beach, which sells jewelry and carved birds created with unusual found objects, sold a total of 40 of the unusual birds during the show's entire run. This year, by early Wednesday night - that would be five days of selling to the public - they'd sold almost 50. 

I stopped by the booth (316) to look at the birds and got chatting with Shelby Miles, who was busy answering customers' questions, taking care of purchases and dealing with me. "Business is good. The numbers are way up. We're ecstatic," she said.


 The vintage song birds are made out of white cedar embellished with things like old metal rulers, tobacco tags, brass binoculars, mother-of-pearl opera glasses. Most of them sell for between $210 and $390, but some can run as high as $680. Not a casual purchase.

Jerry Fritz of Linden Hill Gardens in Ottsville (Booth 300/401) said his business was also up - 40 percent over last year. "It's been amazing," he said. It's only his third year in the show and already customers are returning.

But the picture is not this rosy for everyone. One jewelry vendor, who declined to be identified, said his location this year was worse than last year's, when he was on a corner of an aisle. Now he's one in a row, in the back. "We're way down. People can't see us," he said.