And you thought nothing was happening out there


Yesterday morning as the sun was coming up, I ventured outside to collect berries, dried seedheads, interesting leaves and grasses, for the Inquirer's page designers to play with for the layout of my story tomorrow. There will actually be two stories over the next two Fridays, but the first is about my crazy city garden and all it's been through for its first decade.

It's the real story of a garden, not some glossy version that might admit in an aside that there will be setbacks along the way - things like terrible weather, bad choices, unfortunate missteps and that thing called time, of which we (at least I) have so little these days and which gardens need in spades.

It was surprising to see how much was going on in the garden yesterday. The colors of fall are so lovely and the plants beautiful in a different way.

It's a quieter season and the pace of work is more to my liking. I now know what all those interview subjects of mine meant when they said fall was their favorite season.

You may recognize some of these leaves and berries in the paper tomorrow. You may also recognize yourself and your garden in there. That's the hope, anyway.