And over here, a nice surprise

It was quite a summer. Actually, not quite a summer. Too hot to go outside, construction in the back of the house ... For most of the season, I ventured out only to pick herbs and vegetables and lingered not one extra minute. Which means that the summer of 2012, may it rest in peace, was a disaster - little maintenance and hardly any weeding, to say nothing of no enjoyment! I surrendered early on. So imagine my surprise - a pleasant one, after so much heat, humidity and other unpleasantnesses - to discover this enormous pot of rosemary, which was hiding behind some other potted plants in a far corner.

It's perfect. Too bad I don't cook with rosemary much.  But it doesn't matter. I'll enjoy the look and feel of it - the soft needles, the mounded shape, the sheer heft of a plant that came to life, hidden away, over the summer when no one was looking.