An autumn walkabout at Jenkins


It's so cold today, I almost forgot what it was like at Jenkins last week - a balmy 63 degrees - when I took a walkabout with Steve Wright, the arboretum's horticulture director and curator of plant collections. The day couldn't have been more pleasant, and we had a great time ambling along the pathways from the parking lot (sassy red sassafrass) to the Green Ribbon Garden (maple leaf viburnum, Fothergilla), down the service road and off to the left to look at the big musclewood tree (bark really looks like a muscle-bound arm), over to Azalea Hill to see the fall-blooming Encore azaleas, around the pond (Franklinias, baldcypress), and finally, back to the Education center through Woodland Walk. 

We covered some ground! It was a very pleasant interlude. Thanks, Steve!

Wednesday Walkabouts at Jenkins start at 2 p.m. Nov. 20 is the last one for the season.

Story follows on Friday, Nov. 22.