Aloha on Market Street

You can see the hula dancers in my video and photos taken by staff photographer Michael Wirtz with my story on, but the only photos I got at this morning's kickoff for the 2012 flower show were like this one - fruit. There's one of banana bread, too, but I doubt you care to see that.

The event was colorful, though the light wasn't so great for shooting the dancers, on the top (33d) floor of Loews Hotel at 12th and Market, a stone's throw from the convention center, where the show opens to the public on March 4 and runs through March 11.


It sounds like a fun time, with motion graphic waves and 25-foot waterfalls and fire raining down on Pele's garden, dancers and musicians from Hawaii, and a host of changes. The layout's different. The Marketplace is redesigned and realigned. There's a 100-seat restaurant in the middle of the floor, new sponsors, a "man cave" sponsored by SugarHouse casino (more on that later!), food in the Marketplace (I like that idea) and a lot more info about vegetables. Techno stuff, too, including a new (free) flower show app that will give you the show layout, alerts for demonstrations and lectures, information about exhibits and other stuff.

PHS President Drew Becher, in earlier interviews with me, referred to a huge lettuce wall that will be featured at the show as "the largest lettuce wall in the world," though I'm not sure there's any actual competition there!

I'll be doing a lot more on the show. Boy, will I. Stay tuned.