Aloha, 2012 flower show

After 12 straight days writing and blogging about the flower show, this photo captures my feelings exactly. I'm ready for a nap! Somebody push me out the door and take me home. I am ready.

Actually, it's been a lot of fun. And truthfully, it ain't over yet. Though I'm about to hang up my bloggo-meter, I'll be at the show tomorrow with husband and friends and for the first time, I'll be free to wander at will without having to share every little thing online and in print.


It's been an interesting week. This show seems to have captivated many and turned off quite a few. For every person who wanted A, someone else preferred B. The new layout is crazy! The new layout makes no difference. Too much razzmatazz! Loved the techno music and light show.

There was no shortage of opinions, or, fortunately for me, people eager to express them. On that note, the crowds seemed huge this year. One day I went to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch and the mobs were even larger there. We'll see what the attendance figures show, but PHS says opening day - last Sunday - brought in 35,000, the largest number in about a decade.

Keep on emailing. I love hearing from you. Aloha - till next week.