Alexis takes the blue ribbon


You may remember the story I wrote just about a year ago featuring a young lady from Chestnut Hill named Alexis Berry. She's 17 now, and the librarian at her school - Springside Chestnut Hill Academy - told me then that she wanted Alexis to be president someday. After spending time with her and her mom, Lydia Allen-Berry, I can see why. The kid is terrific - smart, sweet, athletic, funny, hard-working, caring, already an excellent gardener - and you better believe she's competitive.

She told me last year she wanted to win a blue ribbon on her own at the flower show by 2014. Well, guess what, folks. To no one's surprise, least of all me, Alexis reached her goal a year early. She just won a blue for this miniature arrangement, which I do not do justice to with my iPhone photo. The judges' comment was succinct: "Brilliant!" That, of course, is the theme of this year's show.

Alexis, whose larger goal is to be a doctor, has exhibited with her mom before, and won a second place on her own last year. This is her first blue flying solo.

Her entry is deceptively simple, her list of materials short - carnation, English ivy, palm, and palmetto palm.

Well done, Alexis! Mom tells me that her daughter is now eligible for the PHS award for the best of blues in the minis for the whole week of the show. They'll find out on Saturday at the awards luncheon.

I don't know about you, but my money's on the young lady from Chestnut Hill. Good luck, Alexis.