ARTiculture for 2014

I chose an orchid to illustrate this post 'cause it's a work of art, isn't it? And after Brilliant! comes art. Let's back up.

The flower show team has a tradition: They announce the next year's theme in the middle of the current show. And so it is this year.


The 2014 theme is ARTiculture, "that long love affair between art and nature - and the artistic expression found in great garden and floral design." Hyperbole lives! (Did anyone doubt?)

But this sounds intriguing. PHS hopes to work on the show with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and possibly the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Smithsonian in Washington.

The show runs from March 1 - 9, 2014. The extra day - the first Saturday - that was such a success this year will continue going forward.

The central feature of this artistic marriage will include 20-foot-high, flower-adorned frames that exhibitors will interpret, presumably drawing inspiration from great artists.

The show will have digital projections and special effects, like the "orchid wave" at the 2012 Hawaii show and the Big Ben video treatment in 2013.

So there you have it.