A tomato chandelier


Here's Barrett Robinson, the new head guy at Meadowbrook, in one of the greenhouses that's growing vegetables and flowers for the flower show, which is coming up in March (3/4-3/12). To his right is an expanse of scarlet runner beans, slated to be part of PHS' vegetable-centric exhibit this year.


These are one of my favorite beans to grow, not so much for the beans themselves, although they are edible, but for the bright green foliage and dark tangerine-colored blossoms, which you can get a flavor for - sorry about that! - here. They're gorgeous. Barrett couldn't believe I knew what they were, but I'm six years down the road in this beat and have managed to pick up a little bit of information along the way. At least, about this bean. That's safe to say.

To his right, on the ground, is what will become the "over your head chandelier of tomatoes" for the show - tomatoes of all types growing every which way, with the fruits hanging down as you walk underneath. Looking forward to that. Wonder if anyone will try to "harvest" them when no one's looking?

Let's just say I'm glad PHS is big into vegetables this year. So many of us are.