A pint-sized portrait of spring

Hail the dwarf iris! I'm a newcomer to the joys of these little beauties. My gardening buddy Emily planted these and other spring bulbs around the yard and in the garden last fall. I forgot about them until this morning. These miniature Iris reticulata 'Harmony' are growing alongside my mangled driveway. Mangled from  bad patch jobs over the years and lately, battered by trucks and construction crews and all manner of other wheeled and four-legged visitors.

What a joy they are - the little irises, I mean, especially these. They're the color of bluebirds, bright and vibrant. Emily planted other bulbs. I'll have to go exploring this weekend. There's so much bad news in the garden at this time of year - weeds went nuts over the winter - it's nice to have something pretty and fun to balance the story.

Everyone should have a little 'Harmony' in their lives, don't you think?