A once-in-a-lifetime coincidence


I mentioned this in an earlier post: Thanksgiving falls on Nov. 28 this year, which coincides with the beginning of Hanukkah. This is a fun little factoid and we'll probably be hearing more about this than anyone cares about.

What you will not hear about or see is what Cres Motzi, a floral designer from Downingtown, has made of this coincidence.

She's used the colors often attributed to Hanukkah - blue, white, silver and gold - with the fall colors and symbols of the Thanksgiving harvest - silver foliage, mini white pumpkins, fennel bulbs, wheat stalks spray-painted gold. 

The arrangement is full and lush, with lots of texture: blue hydrangea, delphinium and sea holly; white stock, golden yarrow, dusty miller, Queen Anne's lace. 

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