A humble thank you


A humble thank you to all who attended the "Twilight in the Garden" benefit at Bartram's Garden last Thursday night. It was a perfect evening to stroll the garden. More than $76,000 was raised, more than projected, and I sure was happy to see 220 people there to support this special place.

Thanks to everyone for the Green Exemplar award I received. It made me feel like an action figure for a night. Can't you just see the cartoon? Green Exemplar to the rescue!  Where's my cape?

Sometimes we work very hard and think nobody's listening or reading. It sure felt good to see so many people who care.

This photo is what the kitchen garden, in front of the Bartram house, looked like at twilight. Of course, the wine and hors d'oeuvres didn't hurt the evening's gentle vibe one bit! Even without those amenities, though, this is a garden with historic ambience, the oldest surviving botanical garden in the nation.