92 umbrellas - and even more flowers - by David


The exhibit is called "London Fog," and the fog machine was already puffing when I got to the Convention Center a little while ago to watch the flower show come together. I've come to expect interesting stuff from Robin and David Heller of Flowers by David in Langhorne, and they did not disappoint today, even though the thing is only half put together.

I think everyone down there is on tranquilizers or something. They're so calm. Can't be all for show; nobody paid any attention to me. One wonders how they do it. I guess it's called experience or organization, probably both.

Robin tells me she ordered 92 black umbrellas from Totes. The folks there were so excited, they started sending marketing materials along with the umbrellas. Guess they haven't heard of the flower show!

The umbrellas up top are handmade of chicken wire and a woven fabric that looks like mesh. The black umbrellas will be covered with flowers. There's water. There's mist and fog and floating arrangements made of carnations in interesting shades with white callas inserted ...

As I said, the Hellers can be counted on. For the Hawaiian theme last year Robin and David had an unusual take. Most folks did tropical scenes, beaches, palm trees. They did traditional tribal tattoos. Very cool.

This year, things are a little more playful.