Free stuff

The free stuff here is KNOWLEDGE, and good for Awbury Arboretum for offering a free workshop about organic gardening. This is a topic that's very hot right now, and may I also add, one that's more nuanced than you might think. When all is said and done, I strongly believe organic is the way to go. But this is something we all need help with.

I plan to go to this workshop - on Saturday (6/28) from 10-11 a.m. at the arboretum, which is in Germantown. I first visited Awbury in very early spring and found it delightful. There is a sense of playfulness here that's really fun, a creative use of tree stumps and a hidden, walled garden that begged to be explored. So after the workshop, be sure to take a tour.

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Here's the website for directions:

You do need to call and reserve a spot for the workshop. It's being held in the Francis Cope House, the main building on the grounds, and space is limited. Here's the number: 215 224 5872.

I plan to bring a list of questions, an open mind and as inquisitive a brain as I can muster on a Saturday morning. Hope to see you there.