Little green things

A few weeks ago I thought it was Poppy Awareness Week. Everywhere I went I saw poppies.  Now it's little green things. First, I pulled the last of the pea vines out of my vegetable patch. They're done, fried, crisp as a potato chip. I squeezed open the last few green pods and popped those sweet little peas into my mouth raw. None of my meager pea crop made it to dinner. Or I should say made it into the main dish.

I put them on homemade pizza. I put them in salads. Mostly I put them in my mouth. So that's one little green thing.

Blog Image 319912 - smith

The second: baby figs. At last! I did my best to kill this tree but it has confounded my efforts and survived. I look forward to roasted figs with melted cheese, figs in my salad, warm figs in my mouth and best of all, FIG GELATO.

Third: grapes. Nothing stirs my inner Italian than the sight of small, hard, green grapes that I know will grow into marble-like, rose-colored, Reliance table grapes. Problem is, I'm basically supplying the bird population of Northwest Philadelphia with delectable eating grapes. I've yet to harvest one before the birds do.

But that doesn't detract from the thrill of watching this process unfold. Birds gotta eat, after all.