Yes, this is a pile of recycled hoses in front of Big Ben, which is slowly taking shape. I'm calling it a pile, but it's flower show art made from recycled materials - as are the companion "sculptures" made of pieces of copper pipe and old tires that round out the trio.

It's all fun, and I'm sure it'll give the "garden art" crowd - heavily into trash and treasure - some ideas. I'll never forget the story I did two years ago on garden art. One thing led to another and finally the trail led to Becky Cooper in Luling, Texas, who made wind chimes out of old bed pans she covered in marbles and other goodies. You just never know where folks are gonna get their ideas and what they'll come up with.


Hoses and pipes and tires sound downright tame compared to Becky's creations, but they're a little out there for Big Ben, I think. At the moment, anyway. (Unpredictable is good, right?) Once Big Ben Plaza fills in, we'll all have to decide if they work.

I can tell you this - the flowers for the central feature are - NO! I AM NOT GOING TO SAY BRILLIANT! You can't make me!

But you get the idea.