Resisting temptation is a new sensation


This is the first year in awhile that I'm not planting in the fall, though I'm tempted by the idea of putting in masses of spring-blooming bulbs. Temptation, be gone! I need to get my house - literally - in order, as well as my garden. As soon as work on the house is finished, my patio will be put back together, which means that swaths of the garden now filled with patio stones and furniture will empty out and I'll have a chance to restore whatever damage that caused. That's the priority this fall.

But I stopped in at Primex last week, which is where this scene was shot, to get some seeds. There were people browsing and buying tulips and daffodils, and for once, I only bought what I came to get. However ... snowdrops were beckoning. I've fallen in love with them. Judging from the few bulbs left in the snowdrop box, I've got plenty of company. And why not? Bulbs are cheap, easy to plant, and, if you pick naturalizers and ones that squirrels and deer don't lust after, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

One customer was looking for garlic bulbs and was told Primex had sold out. Garlic goes quickly.

I don't have a crop of beets in process, but my kale and chard is looking better than it has all year. And I planted several varieties of lettuces this weekend - then didn't water. I'd looked at the weather forecast and knew we'd get some rain this week. One less chore on the list.