I swear I saw that lantern swinging

Why does this give me the creeps? It's a grandfather's clock, handmade by Andre Maiwald of Perkasie, who's selling, with his wife Karen, out of Booth 812 in the Marketplace. Andre and Karen emigrated from Dresden, Germany, a year ago to join their daughter and grandkids in Bucks County. It's their first time in the show. I figured that was the case. No way would I have walked by this in other years.

This guy is 5' 5" tall, so we're pretty much eye to eye, which maybe is why he rattles me so. He's made out of local woods - black walnut face, cherry roof and bird in hand, oak movement, walnut shoes, hickory legs .. you get the idea. His pants are too short. Why is he carrying a lantern? Maybe it's me, but I imagine him chasing me through the woods - or the Convention Center - with that lantern swinging wildly.


The clock sells for $5,349. Andre also makes birdhouses, which are also expensive affairs ($300-, $400-, $500-plus), but they're all custom made and - he's got this part right - one of a kind pieces. They're kind of interesting and the woods are beautiful. I just don't know if I could be sitting at my dining room table with this grandfather clock-guy standing in the corner. I mean, where's the pitchfork? I'd never turn my back on him.

If this is your cup of tea, be my guest. The Maiwalds are very gracious and clearl, Andre's a talent. Me, I'll be down the aisle - moving rather quickly, checking out  earrings or heirloom seeds.