Yay, recession!

Inquirer staff writer Matt Katz reports:

Yay, recession!

That was the sentiment on the minds of many shoppers at the Cherry Hill Mall. They said yes, maybe they should spend less because their retirement savings were being annihilated in the stock market. But who could resist these deals?

Just $85 for a $105 pair of sneakers at Kicks. At PacSun, pants costing $39.50 were going for $55 – plus another 30 percent off on top of that. Half off at Garage.

It’s basically 2-for-1 deals all over the place, they said.

“You can justify it more because there’s so many bargains to be had, you end up buying things you wouldn’t buy,” said Teresa Marzano, a 28-year-old teacher from Connecticut who spent the holiday with friends in Moorestown.

Regardless of how the rest of the country might feel about the economy, Alana Brown, 19, a Penn State student who has some cash after working at a nursing home, said, “It’s looking nice right now for me.”

Brown thinks the economic downturn appears to be over. Her economic indicator? “Gas prices are going down,” she said. “I usually charge for gas, now I pay cash!” 

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