Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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William Baldwin, meet Elliott Spitzer

Did the producers of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money have a crystal ball?

William Baldwin, meet Elliott Spitzer

Ashley Dupre, Elliott Spitzer’s hired gal pal. You’d rather look at Billy Baldwin?
Ashley Dupre, Elliott Spitzer’s hired gal pal. You’d rather look at Billy Baldwin?

Did the producers of ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money have a crystal ball?

They cast William Baldwin in the character of Patrick Darling, attorney general for the State of New York, who has a secret, transgendered, girlfriend who could cause him all sorts of trouble if the public finds out.

A few months later, the real former New York A.G., and then governor, Elliott Spitzer saw his political career dissolve when his penchant for prostitutes became public.

“I got a phone call from Andrew Cuomo the other day,” Baldwin said on Friday. “He left me a voicemail talking about how life imitates art. …

I was shocked when that all went down … ,” Baldwin wisecracked, “because every time I’ve been with a hooker, there’s never been been any electronic trail whatsoever.

“I mean if I’m not that stupid, how could he be that stupid? The guy graduated from frickin’ Harvard.”

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