Welcome back, Bonnie Hunt

Everybody loves Bonnie Hunt, the sunny, silly comic who turned an ad-lib cameo comment as a White House tour guide in the film Dave (“We’re walking. We’re walking.”) into a national fad catchphrase.

But not everybody has loved her TV shows. Grand lasted just a season in 1990, just like The Bonnie Hunt Show in 1995-96. The Building didn’t even make it a month in 1993. Life With Bonnie, in which she played a harried talk-show host, had the longest legs, two seasons, 2002-04.

Bonnie Hunt

Before every one, she schmoozed with the critics at one of their California meetings, and was always happy to share a cocktail. She’s  one of the most personable and down-to-Earth stars in all of the galaxy I have met doing this for 18 years.

Now she’s back as a real talk-show host on another one named The Bonnie Hunt Show, premiering Sept. 8. In most markets, it will air after Ellen DeGeneres on the NBC affiliate, but in Philadelphia it will be  on CW 57.

“Whether it's about a movie they’re promoting, or if it's just a regular, everyday person who is coming on to talk about their own life,” she said, “I find something compelling and interesting in almost anyone. And I think that is just part of who I am.”

Best of luck, Bonnie.