Video footage shows 'organized, calculated' NoLibs slayings

Inquirer staff writer Allison Steele reports:

Surveillance footage taken from inside the Piazza at Schmidt’s in Northern Liberties captured what a police captain called the “organized, calculated” shootings of last Saturday’s two murder victims, 34-year-old Rian Thal and Timothy Gilmore, 40.

Thal and Gilmore were ambushed as they approached Thal’s apartment. Police believe Thal and Gilmore, of Ohio, were targeted because of their involvement with drugs. Both were known to authorities and police said Gilmore is believed to have been Thal’s accomplice.

The security footage, which was released to the media today, shows four men enter the posh apartment building and lie in wait for Thal and Gilmore. One man followed a resident into the lobby and later opened the door for the others. Three went up to the seventh floor, where Thal lived, and hid in the stairwells. The fourth man served as a lookout, apparently alerting the others when Thal and Gilmore returned to the building.

When Thal and Gilmore got off the elevator and headed down the hall to Thal’s apartment, two men emerged from one end of the hallway, and a third at the other end, trapping Thal and Gilmore and opening fire. Thal was shot in the neck and head. Gilmore was also shot multiple times.

“This was extremely organized,” said Capt. James Clark. “It was very cold, very calculating.”

Police found four kilograms of cocaine in Thal’s apartment, as well as more than $100,000 in cash.

Police are expected to release the footage to the public later today and are seeking the public’s help in finding the suspected killers.

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