The crowd goes wild. The Phils return to CBP

The crowd is chanting, "Let's go Phillies," then a hush.

The Phillies play their "tough road" intro, reprising season highlights.

A mighty roar goes up, puncuated by screams. Lidge's final pitch is replayed. Rhythmic clapping. The Phillies' kids dance near the stage.

And after a greeting to Mayor Nutter, an intro to president and CEO David Montgomery and the clubhouse staff, the Phanatic bursts out of the dugout.

A few more intros to broadcaters, most notably Harry Kalas. And then a replay of Kalas calling the fiinal out. Whew, they are dragging this out. Then, finally to shouts of jubilation, fans leap up, waving their rally towels,

And the moment arrives.

The Phillies are in the house.

UPDATE: A parade of convertibles. GM Pat Gillick, his reputed succesor, Ruben Amaro, Mike Arbuckle and. Big cheer for Charlie Manuel, in a suit!