Sweeten's ex says he still stands by her

The ex-husband of Bonnie Sweeten, the woman who faked her abduction and took their 9-year-old daughter to Disney World, said this morning he still believes she is a good mother who just had a “bad time.”

“She got herself in over her head a little bit,” Anthony Rakoczy said on ABC’s Good Morning America program. "... and kind of lost it."

Rakoczy, who is flying to Florida today to bring his daughter Julia home, said the little girl was a “little upset” but that she “sounds great.”

“When something like this happens you never know if you’re going to hear that little voice again,” he said. “I was elated to hear her voice again.”

He said he hopes his wife can get the help she needs and returns to being a mother so that one day they’ll look back as if nothing happened.

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