Live blog: 'Today' show comes to Philly

The weather guys - NBC 10 News Today's Bill Henley (left) and NBC Today's Al Roker - clown around for the camera. (Clem Murray / Inquirer)

Weatherguy Al Roker is quite the cutup. He's joking around with NBC10's Bill Henley, talking about local anchor Terry Ruggles and NBC's dubious "Weather Plus." Watching Channel 10 on little portable TV, he notices a spot about disease and says, "THAT ought to be a good time." He says of a helicopter overhead, "He's coming lower now. He's going to give us a BUZZ cut."

Vieira calls out: "Hey, Al, you know you work for this show, right?"

"We're not on yet, are we?" says Al.

Henley mentions Justin Pizzi, and Roker says, "You guys are making these names up!"

Then they're live, clowning together on NBC10, doing the weather, with Al holding an antenna cord, then accusing Henley of slurring his words.

"Sorry, I'm not up to network standards," says Henley jovially.

"We have none," says Roker.