On the Broad Street line: Getting to the stadiums

Once the parade passed through Center City, fans swarmed the subway’s Broad Street line heading toward the stadium. The cars were overloaded. Four girls squeezed into one seat, standing room only. There was nowhere to turn.

Once they got on the subway, riders were in good spirits singing, “We are the Champions” and “Go Phillies,” until the train stopped to let someone off or, (how is this possible?) to let others on.

That’s when the crowd got angry.  All they wanted was to reach the end of the line and the stadium.

On the trains, there was total chaos.  One guy lit a cigarette while people were crammed around him.

A lot of people were complaining about the regional rails and rest of SEPTA. They groused that SEPTA was not prepared, it should have beefed up schedules and trains. They knew this many people were coming

SEPTA workers were in a good mood including the train driver and engineer.

There was one guy in a Halloween mask who couldn’t get on. He made faces through the window, like he was jumping on top of the car. Engineer told him to back off so they could move.

Jillian Smith