Nutter to KYW radio: Give Vick a chance

In a live interview this morning on KYW radio, Mayor Nutter defended the Eagles decision to sign quarterback Michael Vick, saying he's paid his debt to society following his conviction for killing dogs and deserves a chance to play football again. "There has to be something to redemption and salvation," Nutter said. "I think Michael Vick still haswork to do and still should demonstrate his remorse...He's an ex-offender. We have a number of ex-offenders in the city."

The mayor said Vick could work with children and teach them not to become involved with organized dog fighting. He said the former Atlanta Falcons star quarterback could volunteer for animal rights groups like the humane society. 

"The issue now is," Nutter said, "what does he do going forward and how does he have a positive impact on this city,"    


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