No crowds for Michael Jackson in Phila.

 Inquirer staff writer Liz Wagner reports:

The memorial service for Michael Jackson is being broadcast on the Jumbotron at the Piazza at Schmidts, but few have gathered to watch it.

 Evan Osenfeldt, 27, of Northern Liberties, stopped while walking his dog. He described himself as a fan.

“Who wasn’t? Osenfeldt said, recalling how he used to dancer around in a beaded jacket and silver glove when he was a child.

At the nearby Darling’s Diner, hostess Bethany Willis watched the broadcast on two of the restaurant’s three televisions.

“It’s a part of history, you know,” she said.

Willis said her mother saw Jackson at the at the Apollo Theater in Harlem when she was teenage and that her father gave her her first album, Jackson’s “Off the Wall,” when she was three.

Willis said that when she was seven, she performed to “Beat It,” at a dance recital.

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