Kirby the Krimpet hates being called a 'Twinkie'

A giant Butterscotch Krimpet, or at least a guy in a krimpet suit, approaches the set with a mini-entourage bearing baskets of Tastykakes. "Look, a Twinkie!" someone in the crowd yells. Such indignity! Have to ask the mascot for a response. Unfortunately, he can't talk. But he puts his hands on his hips, showing his dismay. Has he been called worse? He shakes his head. Where are the Cupcake mascots? He puts his hands together and leans his "head." They're home sleeping? He nods. Soon, he's off to deliver a basket of Tastykakes to Al Roker.  

It's part of a sampling / cooking segment about local foods, with fare from Reading Terminal, including Dienner's Barbecued Chicken, Fisher's Soft Pretzels, Rick's Steaks and Bassett's Ice Cream.

That'll do it. Battery's dead ... show's nearing an end. Heading over to the Mint soon to talk with a sculptor / engraver about his new designs for the back of the Lincoln penny.