Kensington man charged in 8-car wreck that critically injured two

Inquirer staff writer Sam Wood reports:
A Kensington man was charged this morning with triggering an 8-car traffic wreck in which two women - one of them six months pregnant - were critically injured, police said.
David Ramos, 30, was driving a red Mitsubishi Eclipse westbound on Tioga Street about 2:30 p.m. Sunday when he struck a westbound Dodge Neon near C Street, sending the Neon into oncoming traffic, police said. The Neon then slammed into a utility pole, critically injuring the 33-year-old woman behind the wheel.
Ramos - allegedly traveling at 80 mph - continued on and ran through a red light at B Street. In the middle of the intersection, Ramos' car slammed into the passenger's side of a 1996 Saturn sedan driven by a woman who was six months pregnant. The impact caused the Saturn to spin counter-clockwise and strike an SUV carrying a couple and their three young children, police said.
Ramos' car then hit a Chevy Malibu and ricocheted, hitting a car parked along Tioga Street. That impact caused a chain reaction that damaged two other parked cars. The wild ride ended when Ramos' Mitsubishi flipped onto its roof, police said.
Ramos, who suffered a broken leg and ankle, was treated at Hahnemann University Hospital where police charged him with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.
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