Going to the dogs

Tillman, king of the boards

Who wants to hang out with puffed-up actors and moneybags producers at the big Hollywood party, when there are cool dogs in the house?

Several contestants from CBS’s awwwww-inspiring Greatest American Dogs showed up with their humans this weekend at the big star party thrown by the network at L.A.’s latest trend-central club, Boulevard3.

From Rancho Santa Margarita, down in Orange County, there was little Beacon, the miniature Schnauzer, with his momma, Brandy Yant.

And Bella Starlet Dog, who flew all the way out from New York City with her buddy, Beth Joy Knutsen. Bella, who has her own business card (“Professional Dog Actress Extraordinaire”), sported a gorgeous cape whose brilliant colors matched the Cosmopolitan I was drinking.

She’s a Chihuahua, Labrador, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu mix, with a little Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever thrown in, said Knutsen, who traced her ancestry via DNA.

They’re both little lappy dogs, not my cup of tea. Much better is Tillman, the English bulldog, who is equally at home on skateboards, snowboards and skimboards, which are those little round ones that the kids ride in the shallows at the beach, said his daddy, Ron Davis of Oxnard.

Tillman picked up his skills from a Rottweiler who was living with Davis when Tilllman moved in, and who carried his skateboard in his mouth wherever he went, when he wasn’t riding.

“Tillman may be chunky, but he loves to go fast,” said Davis.

And he’s also a party animal. He wandered off repeatedly into the choking crowd, looking for the odd canapé that might have escaped a celeb’s clutches.