Demonstrators at Convention Center for Obama, Specter

 Inquirer staff writer Robert Moran reports:



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More than 200 demonstrators, media and onlookers had converged at 12th and Arch Streets by 4 p.m. in conjunction with President Obama's visit at the Convention Center for a fundraiser for Sen. Arlen Specter.

Many in the crowd chanted "Health Care Now!"

One man with his own quirky agenda held up a sign that read:  "UFO Disclosure Now."

One corner had anti-abortion protesters with graphic signs and a man loudly speaking against abortion through a loud speaker.

Another corner had supporters of legislation that would move more disabled people out of nursing homes and into the community.

At a third corner, Betty Schieber, 71, of Langhorne, held up a sign declaring: "Dump Benedict Arlen."

"I'm hoping he gets the message that he's not going to get reelected,"said Schieber, a GOP committeewoman. "That's what happens to traitors."

She added, "I worked my backside off for this guy and he back stabs us."

Across the street from her, Liynaa Burrell, 25, of the Philadelphia nonprofit Liberty Resources, helped to hold a large handmade sign that resembled Obama's iconic campaign poster, but added a question mark after the word "Hope."

"We want him to deliver what we're fighting for," she said of the legislation for the disabled.

Outside the convention center, a long line of TV trucks and emergency vehicles were parked along Arch Street.