Comcast fined $900K for violating federal Do Not Call

Inquirer staff writer Sam Wood reports:.

The Federal Trade Commission today ordered Comcast to pay a $900,000 fine for having its telemarketers call customers who had specifically asked to be placed on the company’s Do Not Call registry.

The judgment was handed down after the FTC charged Comcast with placing more than 900,000 sales calls to customers who asked not to be called again. The cable and internet service provider could have been eligible for a $11,000 fine for each call violation.

DirectTV, the satellite TV provider, also was fined $2.3 million today for similar violations of the telemarketing sales rules.

“Comcast fully supports all Do-Not-Call regulations and we are committed to preventing unwanted telemarketing calls," said Sena Fitzmaurice, Executive Director Corporate Communications and Goverment Affairs for Comcast, in a statement.

"The FTC found our compliance with the national Registry to be 99.85% and chose not to pursue any claim against Comcast in that area. Since the period under review, we have further strengthened our policies and procedures to prevent unwanted telemarketing calls.”

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