Cheap pjs and $2 for Salvation Army bucket

Inquirer staff writer Sam Wood reports:

A sour ecomomy isn't going to spoil Lenore Cooper's holiday shopping plans.
She was out early at Walmart to take advantage of special sales on pajamas and fleecewear with her mother and two children in tow.
"We couldn't get toys today because the kids are here," the Port Richmond resident said.
As Alyssa, 8, and Matthew, 3, each dropped a dollar bill into a Salvation Army bucket in front of the store, Cooper swore she'd never bring them shopping on Black Friday again.
"It's just way too crowded," Cooper said as she prepared to dodge traffic in the trash strewn parking lot.
The shopping excursion had been successful, she said.
"Four dollars for pj sets and sweatshirts!" she said.
:Cooper said despite the economic downturn she planned to spend more this year.
"It's not affecting me," Cooper said. "I save up all year putting $5 a week into a Christmas account.
"If you save up all year it don't hurt you too bad."

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