Students question Bush on daughter and WH bathrooms

Inquirer staff writer Kristin Graham reports from Kearny School,  updated at 11:11 a.m.

President and Laura Bush offered advice to second graders at Kearny Elementary School in Philadelphia this morning before taking questions from the class.

Students in teacher Cheryl Feldscher’s classroom sat patiently with their hands folded on their desks as they waited for the President and First Lady to arrive shortly before 10:30 a.m.

“My stomach’s excited,” Feldscher said. “It’s almost like it’s Christmas morning. It’s almost like Santa.”

The President and Laura strode into the Northern Liberties classroom moments later. Bush walked to Feldscher and said “Thank you for teaching.”

The president asked the class if they were all learning how to read.

The class nodded and smiled.

Then the Leader of the Free World asked, “Can I give you some advice?

“Practice reading a lot. And make sure you read more than you watch TV,”

He asked if anyone had questions.

Someone asked when his daughter was married.

The First Couple replied: In May.

“It was very emotional,” the President said. “But it was a beautiful moment.”

Another student asked how many bathrooms are in the White House.

“There’s a lot,” Bush said. “It’s a big big place. But it’s been an honor to live there.”

With the Q&A over, the President adjourned to a round-table meeting with education secretary Margaret Spellings, Rev. Al Sharpton, Philadelphia Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman, Sen. Arlen Specter, State Rep. Dwight Evans and others.

Earlier, Graham reported from the presidential motorcade on the Platt Bridge, heading to Northern Liberties:

At Philadelphia International Airport, President Bush and Laura Bush stepped off Air Force One, waved and shook the hand of Adam Bruckner, who is a Kixx assistant coach, and volunteer at the Kearny School.

Bush is here to promote his No Child Left Behind program.

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