At Citizens Bank Park: Phillies fans are ready for their close-ups

The first tractor trailer full of players and front-office personnel, with the Phillie Phanatic on top of the semi, wheels through the parking lot of Citizens Bank Park. Notice the fan sitting on the light.

Inside the park, Phillies paraphernalia was selling like hotcakes.

Red hoodies, white wool jerseys, caps and pennants virtually jumped off the shelves and fans stood in long lines at the Major League Baseball-approved venues for the privilege of laying their money down.

For the dozen or so photographers working the crowd for the company called FanFoto, it was a day filled with lots of potential "ka-chings."

Moving through the stands the photographers were flagged down by fan after fan who wanted a photograph taken inside the park to memorialize the day.

The digital photographs will be posted online tomorrow and fans can purchase them for prices starting at $12.99 per picture..

“This is my last day of work” this season “and it is my most profitable day of work,” said the shooter who goes by the name Craig Downtown. “I’ve already taken, like, 1,300 photos.”

Michael Matza