At Broad and Snyder at 2:45: Restricted view

From Ground level, you could only see half the players -- those facing your side of Broad Street. And the players were mixed in with non-players, and wives, and kids and strangers.

“I didn’t see Cole. I didn’t see Victorino,” said a disappointed Laura McDermott, 20, of Upper Darby. “I’m really upset.”

Tashai Rowe, 23, of Yeadon, also wanted most of all to see Victorino, but either he was on the other side of the floats, or lost in the crowd.

“I’m disappointed, she said.

 Two brothers who came down from Reading, one was showing the other a photo he thought he took of Ryan Howard as he went by.

“That’s not Howard,” said Bill Webb, to his brother Joe.

“Well you should have bought your own camera,” Joe replied.

They enjoyed the parade, and wouldn’t have missed it.

Michael Vitez