Already an icon -- The Update

Update: This afternoon, as the Pennsylvania delegates boarded the bus for tonight's big event at the Xcel Center, one person walked up the aisle looking suspiciously like ... Sarah Palin. Hair was swept back, glasses on. She thanked one person for noticing the look. Watch the hall tonight. There's got to be more in there while Palin is speaking.  


 At tonight's welcome reception for delegates at the Minneapolis Convention Center, guests had their choice of American icons to be photographed with, including actors portraying George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

But last night, at the media party on the riverfront in Minneapolis, there was an icon of more recent vintage, a woman portraying vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, complete with swept up hair and glasses. And, of course, she also wore a sign identifying herself, just in case the media types couldn't recognize her.