No smoking on the subway. Really.

Leaving Citizens Bank Park the Broad Street Subway train was almost empty. Not even half a car was filled with passengers.  Everyone on the car, however, was in good spirits, mainly because they were drunk or drinking their way to it. Since there were only a few people, everyone became friends with everyone and sharing beers and chugging contests soon began. 

The friendliness and emptiness ended once a platform full of people piled on at Lombard-South Station. After that, it was standing room only. The crowd wasn't as rambunctious as the crowds heading to the stadiums, except for the one or two intoxicated passengers..

The mood quickly turned sour about 1:45 p.m. when a passenger lit a cigarette on the car. After many failed requests that he put it out, the ride went from a calm, quiet one to a violent, overexcited one. In the middle of the car passengers were trying to hold back from swinging. As soon as the doors opened at the Race and Vine stop, a pile of 10 or so men tumbled out throwing punches every which way. The brawl lasted only a few moments after they had gotten the smoker off the train. Some men, still angry and wanting a fight, continued to go after the smoker but were then pulled back onto the car. Blood was everywhere: on the participants and on the platform.

Once the doors shut and the smoker was left behind - beaten, bloody and bruised on the platform - the car erupted with cheers and applause.

Jillian Smith