Good Morning Philadelphia: Taking days to paint a fence

Staff photographer Tom Gralish reports:

Summer groundskeepers (from left) Kevin Martin, 27, of Williamstown; Devin Rossi, 20, of Pennsauken; and John Calogero, 20, of Pennsauken, are repainting the long fence along Route 70 at Calvary Cemetery and Chapel Mausoleum in Cherry Hill.

They're working with two others - Collin Powell and Matt Myers, both 17 and both of Haddon Township - and they're on "day six or seven" of the project, Rossi said.

"We've got another 4-5 days left," Martin figured.

They sanded and scraped rust first. Asked when it was last painted, Calogero guessed it was at least 25 years ago.

That prompted Myers to wonder how old the fence was, and they all figured it must be at least twice that, since the previous groundskeepers would also likely have considered it a once every quarter-century job.

Normally they'd be cutting grass.

"We're usually weed whacking around each grave - around the tombstones," Powell said.

Thinking out loud, Meyers said: "Maybe someone will see us, and call us to paint their 800-year-old fence. We can start our own business painting fences. Maybe we'll become millionaires." 

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